I’m going back to my caveman days and staying away from social media for a while. At least until all the pictures of you have gone away.

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I hope she is everything you wanted me to be for you and more. I hope you never take her for granted so she can learn to do the same for you. I hope she laughs at your jokes and you laugh at hers, even if nether of you is very funny. I hope that twinkle of magic, mystery, and adventure stays in your eyes as you follow her into the great unknown. I hope that when she sings for you, you understand that it is something special. I hope you remind each other that you were destined for greatness and that your dreams are closer than they seem. I hope that when you hold her hand, you always have that feeling of never wanting to let it go. I hope you treasure her laugh in a special place in your heart because it’s proof of her genuine bliss. I hope she makes you smile without so much as a single word. And above all else, remember this..

I hope you’re happy.

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Jaded youth.
I like this one better :3
Hey lucid dreamer wake up your mind.

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